Supply Chain Agreement

Hypex Electronics BV

Hypex Electronics BV

Acoustic3D Holdings Ltd: A3D is pleased to announce that our Electronics supply partner, Hypex Electronics BV of Groningen, The Netherlands has agreed to reduce the supply cost on electronic assemblies used in the Emergence range of Acoustic Hologram Generators.

Mr Jan-Peter van Amerongen, General Manager of Hypex, said of the deal ‘I hope with our help for a good price you can enter the market…(competitively)!’

Joe Hayes, Executive Chairman of A3D, says ‘This is an exciting new development as now we can, if we choose, go to the market at market based pricing and trade profitably. Previously we were sitting at a cost plus based pricing that put us just over the buying price point at which the average consumer is prepared to go. Now we are in their price range with a product offering that I feel is technically superior to any of our competitors. This could be the key to ensuring Emergence Acoustic Hologram Generators being adopted by the broader consumer market.’

A3D will demonstrate the Emergence AS4 at the Wholesale Investor Sydney Showcase Lunch being held on the 6th of December 2013.

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