Where to buy A3D Product

www.emergencea3d.com is the first A3D licensed product made available under the Emergence brand of New Audio PL

Visit the site to order an AS8 from the current Australia-only stock. For International sales, please revisit in March, 2015


  1. andrew Chtham

    Looking for a price on the AS4, At7 and AP4 systems. Plus delivery times.

    • Hi Andrew,

      The only model available initially is the AS4 in either a consumer or a professional audio version. The price is $995 AUD including Australian taxes.

      Due to a fire at our warehouse in China on 2014APR12 the current production run has been delayed to the end of June 2014.

      You can reserve a unit off this production run by processing an order at http://www.emergence-direct.com. They will not take money yet but will communicate your order details with you. Select one of the payment terms available which both involve email correspondence.


      Joe Hayes

  2. keven diggens

    Hi Where can I buy a consumer AS4 set, what approx price and delivery in Melbourne.
    Keven Diggens

  3. Kevin,

    You can buy the product from emergencea3d.com

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