Company History

Acoustic3D Holdings Ltd has been recently interposed above New Audio Pty Ltd as an unlisted public company in a holding role. It wholly owns the subsidiary New Audio Pty Ltd which has a 16 year trading history and which developed the core Intellectual Property underlying the Acoustic3D trademark.

NewAudio Pty Ltd was co-founded in 1995 by acoustician and inventor Joe Hayes, inventor of the Solphonique line of speakers. Prior to New Audio, Joe invented and manufactured the PASSAC line of audio products, used by musicians around the world including Sting and Dire Straits. His co-founder is artist Frances Mahony.

Twenty one years ago, Joe made a scientific breakthrough in audio playback and discovered how to generate an audio hologram.

Over the next 20 years New Audio, now Acoustic3D, conducted research and development on the audio hologram to the point where, with the assistance of a grant from Commercialisation Australia, products are now ready to take to market. Their design and performance has received praise from leading experts.


Solphonique Commercialisation Australia