Acoustic 3D Holdings owns worldwide patents in the unique “Acoustic 3D holographic” technology that enables the music or soundtrack to be heard just like in the original recording studio.

Our diffusion and wavelet technology revolutionises the listening space by reducing distortion and echoes, so there are no ‘sweet’ or ‘sour’ listening spots – the entire space sounds ‘sweet’. The result is pure and accurate reproduction of the original sound throughout the entire listening space.

Our technologies have applications in video conferencing, TV, 3D and conventional cinema, public address, outdoor broadcast, audiophile, automotive and general consumer markets.

It’s a disruptive technology – industry experts say our product is the first they’ve heard that will cause speaker-owners to replace their existing speakers.

Acoustic 3D conducts technology research into audio and related industries and develops and manages the patents associated with the Intellectual Property that is created form the research.

Acoustic 3D is signing a Master Licence with Vastigo based in Singapore for Vastigo to undertake the specialist work of developing business relationships and commerical contracts with speaker and audio OEM companies in Asia, US and Europe.

Acoustic 3D also owns New Audio Limited which has the licence for selling the AS8 audio system which is a limited run product proving the technology in the consumer market.