Acoustic3D Holdings Ltd lists on the Wholesale Investor platform!

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Acoustic3D will change the way people listen to sound with a patented, game-changing discovery in audio amplification – the audio hologram. Funding is required to bring the final products to market and cash flow the business through this launch phase. To find out more visit the Wholesale Investor.

Acoustic3D to unveil to the public the Emergence at the Australian HiFi Show

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… a new sound that illuminates more dimension and detail then anything before.

The Emergence holographic sound system is unveiled to the public this weekend in Sydney. For those of you who can make it check out the Acoustic3D technology at the Australian HiFi Show in the Dynamic Music rooms at the Sheraton on the Park, 161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney 19th to the 21st of October (this Friday to Sunday).

The Australian: 3D sound a step closer to commercial liftoff for local firm

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AN Australian firm that pioneered a unique three-dimensional music system with “acoustic holograms” has been granted more than $500,000 to start assembling its systems locally.

Acoustic engineer Joe Hayes last month told The Australian he was gearing to manufacture the unique sound systems he had been perfecting for 21 years.

Yesterday his dream surged closer to reality with his company, Acoustic3D Holdings; its subsidiary NewAudio had been awarded a $591,664 grant from Commercialisation Australia.

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Acoustic3D is giving away 50 test Emergence speakers!

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We are pleased to announce that we’re giving away 50 test Emergence speakers in return for your feedback about your listening experience. Hurry up and sign up and you might be one of the lucky 50 Beta testers! Winners will be asked to provide feedback of their experience with the new technology to help us in its development.

Novede: Acoustic3D the most immersive audio experience you can get

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“Every few years someone comes out with a revolution that is so mind-blowing all you want to do after experiencing it, is shout it’s praises to everyone you know. A few examples come to mind, from the iPhone and the iPad, to DSLR video, to the RED digital cinema cameras.

I’m not going to lie, my brief experience with the Emergence speakers from Acoustic3D was exactly that. I wanted to run to every audio engineer, gamer and music lover I know and tell them how amazing it is.”

Owen Kelly, Novede (Gamer Blog)