Wealth Creator: Listening on Another Level

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Smaller, cheaper and better. That’s the promise from Acoustic3D Holdings’ Managing Director Joe Hayes when he talks about the latest product offerings from the company as it prepares to launch an entry-level speaker system… to read the full article click here.

The Australian: Inventor Joe Hayes ready to press button on ‘3D sound’

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ACOUSTIC engineer Joe Hayes is gearing to manufacture a unique sound system he says he has been perfecting for 21 years.

Mr Hayes began working in September 1990 on what is now patented audio technology intended to produce clear and distortion-free sound unimpeded by room dynamics.

The other plus is that it is about $5000 cheaper than products of similar quality.

Twenty-one years and 8000 hours of work later, his part-time project has finally developed into a fledging business in Brisbane employing seven people…

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ARN: Acoustic3D takes sound to the third dimension

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To think sound was not always three-dimensional.

Following 21 years of research and development, Acoustic3D’s founder and managing director, Joe Hayes, has transformed the concept of 3D sound into a range of 70 watt ‘acoustic hologram generators’, as he prefers to call them… Click here to read the full article at

Acoustic3D responds to complaint by Neil Young

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Aussie company Acoustic3D believes it has the perfect technology to deliver the solution to ‘sound quality’ raised by Neil Young last week at the D:Dive Into Media conference. Young proposed that fans stage a grassroots movement to demand higher-quality audio. “Occupy audio!” he urged.

So what’s the solution? “New hardware capable of delivering more quality from the data present in original recordings,” said Joe Hayes, Acoustic3D CEO. Acoustic3D unlocks the holographic information previously locked up in audio recordings by using a reverse method to unpack the original acoustic spatial sound fields.

Acoustic3D technology could solve Neil’s problem.

“MP3 sound great through our speakers” says Joe and he would love Neil to hear one of our systems.

The latest from ASSOB on Acoustic3D’s listing

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The latest from ASSOB (Australian Small Scale Offerings Board) on Acoustic3D’s listing:

A3H – Round 1&2 Fully Subscribed
Wednesday, 08 February 2012

Acoustic3D Holdings Limited (ASSOB Code: A3H) has last month filled Round 2 of its capital raising.

Acoustic3D Holdings Limited has now entered its third Round (R3) of capital raising offering 19,000,000 ordinary shares for the capital contribution of $1,900,000 at $0.10c per share.

Note: Acoustic3D Holdings Limited is currently in Investment at for more information.