Gizmodo covers Acoustic3D

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We look forward to giving a demo to Alex Kidman ad his team at Gizmodo next week in Sydney.

CNET Press Coverage

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Its a small mention. We look forward to supplying a sample for Steve Guttenberg to review.;posts

6 Moons & CES

Posted by on Jan 1, 2012 in Press_Coverage, Trade_Shows | 0 comments‘s Edgar Kramer has posted a news/mini review in the ‘ Newsroom‘. It is a preview of the new Acoustic3D

Emergence system,including an interview with founder Joe Hayes.


The Acoustic3D technology will be on display at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas. Contact Brad Serhan at

for a demonstration of the Emergence and hear the acoustic hologram difference.

Distributor annoucement

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We are extremely pleased to advise that we have received a Letter of Support from Leading Edge Group Limited to become a distributor for the Acoustic3D “Emergence” sound system.

Leading Edge Group is an Australian owned Buying Group with extensive retail shopfronts throughout Australia and New Zealand.  CEO Simon Allison expects to be able to use around 300 of their outlets to distribute Emergence 2.1 and, subject to Board approval will order an initial 500 units when they are available.

Leading Edge Group can also provide sales and marketing expertise to assist Acoustic3D in future promotional campaigns.

We would like to thank Leading Edge for their support and look forward to working with them in the future.

Perfect sound reproduction is still possible in today’s boom boom music equipment market

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it was such a beautiful sound
swedish words fixated at various places on a hologram of sound
nestled between waves of harmonic music
I really felt like I was sitting in the music chamber of a Swedish Choral Group
your Acoustic 3D speakers are amazing
you took me back to my sound system from the 70’s which went long ago
as did listening to Yes, Genesis, ELP, King Crimson and Lou Reed Live!
but the knowledge that perfect sound reproduction is still possible in today’s boom boom music equipment market has been rejuvenated
Paul Niederer