The Emergence Satellite

The Acoustic Hologram Generator's Drive

The Acoustic Hologram Generator’s Drive

All Emergence models share the same satellite component. The Emergence Satellites are designed around purely functional acoustic requirements. The reflector device that sits atop the design is dimensioned to convert the acoustics of the 2 inch aluminium dome full range driver into a pure diffusion in the 1400 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency range. Psychoacoustics suggests that it is in this range where the primary auditory ‘cues’ reside. This band of mid and high frequencies is what gives the distinct holographic sound-stage to audio performances.

Below 1400 Hz the satellites’ full range driver provides clean crisp omnidirectional sound down to 250Hz, where it is crossed over to the bass unit. The discus shape of the base of the Emergence satellites contains a controlled volume of air to allow the full range driver to work down to low acoustic frequencies, and the surface provides a baffle to control the projection of acoustic energy irrespective of the surface on which it is placed.