The Emergence AS8

AS8 Red

AS8 White

AS8 Black

The Emergence AS8 is a refined embodiment of a classic audio system. The small footprint forward firing bass driver allows for placement into a typical TV cabinet, or on the floor for more pronounced bass sound. The Emergence speaker system won the coveted “Good Design Australia Award” against strong competition from the world’s major loudspeaker manufacturers.

Satellite Speakers

All Emergence models share the same satellite component. The Emergence Satellites design is based on functional acoustic requirements. The reflector device that sits atop the design is dimensioned appropriately to convert the acoustics of the 2 inch aluminium dome full range driver into a pure diffusion in the 1400 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency range.


A3D Emergence-AS8 CAU Rear White

The Emergence AS8 Central Amplifier Unit
contains 120 watts of amplification
and a ‘balanced drive’ bass unit.

This ‘bass enclosure’ provides 120 watts of power, running at 0.002% (2 parts per million) distortion from the latest Hypex Ultra Class D (UcD) amplifier technology. Power is distributed at 30 watts each for the two Emergence Satellites, and 60 watts for the central bass unit.

The amplifiers run at 92% efficiency and the power is supplied by a universal switch mode power supply (whatever country, whatever mains voltage) that also runs at 90% efficiency. The net result electrically is a ‘green’ audio system that sets new levels of performance, as well as new levels of diminished demand on mains supply – minimising the operational carbon footprint of exquisite music listening.

The Emergence features analogue audio inputs via either RCA (conventional stereo or television) or Mini Phono Jack (iPhone). Digital inputs include Optical TOSLINK (i.e. Apple TV or Airplay), SPDIF (Digital Co-axial), or USB B (computer connectivity). For those who want wireless connectivity – both WiFi and Bluetooth dongles can be simultaneously supported.

Power is supplied through a ‘figure 8’ power lead and voltage input can be 50 to 60 Hz, 110 to 240 volts. Perfect for taking on a world trip with you.