The Emergence AP4

Emergence - Front View

The Emergence AP4 is a completely new benchmark in consumer audio reproduction. The ‘electro-mechanical’ performance of the Emergence AP4 is superb by any audiophile standards. On top of astonishing performance specs this little system creates the acoustic hologram that delivers the presence of the performer to the listener.

Emergence - Top Front View

The Emergence AP4 features the most cost effective method to create an acoustic hologram. The passive Fractal Dispersive Lens sits above a full range high quality micro driver. The result is astonishingly clean lower and upper mids that are embellished by a 3D hologram active in the frequency range from 2,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz. To enhance solid bass extension the central amplifier unit contains a 100mm (4 inch) ‘balanced drive’ bass driver from Wavecor. ‘Balanced drive’ technology is a method to maintain an extended linear magnetic field inside the speaker so that acoustic harmonic distortion is all but eliminated even as the volume is turned up, causing extra long cone excursions on this little driver.


Emergence Central Amplifier Unit

The Emergence AP4
Central Amplifier Unit contains
120 watts of amplification and
a ‘balanced drive’ bass unit.

This central enclosure also contains 120 watts of power running at 0.002% (2 parts per million) distortion utilising the latest Hypex Ultra Class D (UcD) amplifier technology. The power is distributed at 30 watts each for the two Emergence Satellite hologram generators and 60 watts for the central bass unit. The amplifiers run at 92% efficiency and the power is supplied by a universal (whatever country, whatever main voltage) switch mode power supply that also runs at 90% efficiency. The end result electrically is a green audio system that sets new levels of performance as well as new levels of diminished demand on mains supply, minimising the operational carbon footprint of exquisite music listening.A version is being developed that includes AirPlay®Airplay is a Apple technology that allows a user to send audio to a loudspeaker using only wireless networking. The technology is capable of delivering 24 bit 96kHz audiophile stereo.. This will allow a user to send music from their iPhone directly to the Emergence B100 simply by flicking the iPhone towards the Emergence B100.The standard Emergence features analogue audio inputs via either RCA (conventional stereo or television) or Mini Phono Jack (iPhone). Digital inputs can be TOSLINK (Apple TV), SPDIF (Digital Co-axial), or USB B (computers). power is through a figure 8 power lead and voltage input can be 50 to 60 Hz and 110 to 240 volts. Perfect for taking on a world trip with you.