At A3DH we believe that everyone should hear music as the artist intended.

We believe that the effort musicians put into making music should be matched by our efforts to reproduce it. Whilst artists are driven to master their instruments, we are driven to master physics, mathematics and electronics; we are both in pursuit of the same thing – perfection.

We further believe passionately that we must make our technology as accessible as music itself. It must be simple to set up and use. It must offer exceptional value and be well made so that value may be enjoyed over the years.

We have spent the past twenty years, tens of thousands of hours, and millions of dollars making real the promise of accurate sound reproduction. That ‘promise’ was revealed to Joe Hayes when he revisited and reworked the physics of sound reproduction using the latest mathematical techniques combined with his extensive knowledge of electronics and psycho-acoustics. His insights provided new ways of thinking about and dealing with: noise, sounds’ temporal and energy content, and the way we, as humans, experience sound. Taking a Space-Time approach, re- imagining the loudspeaker in the process, has enabled us to create ‘Acoustic Holograms’ with all the detail and depth that that term implies.

The A3DH ‘Emergence’ range is the first product of our passion and beliefs – and twenty year investment. You can now experience all that – and your favourite music like never before – for the much smaller investment of $995 AUD inc GST.